Director: Sahidul Haque
Playwright: Hemanta Kr. Bora
Group: Orchid Theatre, Nagaon
Language: Non-Verbal
Duration: 1 hr 15 mins

The Play

Bubbles in the River is a humble attempt to redefine the identity of people in a changing global environment, which poses a threat to the ethnic tribes and indigenous people. It is time to redefine the existence of these tribes and indigenous people on the basis of their cultural and historical heritage. People living in different parts of the world have their identities associated with their race, ethnicity, religion and language. The play reflects the phenomenal changes in the context of Assam, where the river Brahmaputra remains a witness to all the events since time immemorial.


Director’s Note

The mighty Brahmaputra river flowing through Assam, a north-eastern state in India, is the life-line for the people of this valley. The river witnesses all the ups and downs in the life of people living around it. The changes that have been taking place are like the bubbles merging in the great river. The play highlights the problems and prospects of Assamese people in the changing atmosphere. To portray the changes, experiments have been made with colours, body movement and music.


The Director

Sahidul Haque is an actor, director, designer and painter from Nagaon, Assam. He was an active practitioner of folk theatre till college, then his love for theatre led him to HCRFTA, Himachal Pradesh. Later he joined the NSD TIE Company and was an actor-teacher for 7 years. He has directed more than 30 plays in Hindi, English, Assamese and Tiwa. He has participated in many national and international theatre festivals like Bharat Rang Mahotsav, Poorvottar Natya Samaroh, and Natasurjya Theatre. He has worked under prominent national and international theatre personalities like Bansi Kaul, Maya Krishna Rao, Abdul Latif Khatana, K.G. Krishnamurty, Jeffrey Sichel and Geoff Makeman.

The Playwright

Hemanta Kr. Bora is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the department of English, in Cachar College, Assam University at Silchar, Assam. He has scripted four plays which were performed on various stages across the country. Besides this he is an actor and a director, and works with children to produce plays and conduct theatre workshops.


The Group

Orchid Theatre was established on September 2, 2005 at Nagaon, 100 kms away from Guwahati, Assam, by Sahidul Haque, with the help of 50 energetic young local workers. The group is guided by the famous theatre personality Janada Borah, a Natasurja award winner by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of Assam.  The group is involved in regular theatre performances and participation in various theatre festivals every year. It is also engaged in activities that include theatre, dance, music, drawing, painting and workshops where training is provided to children belonging to the economically weak section of the society, and grown-ups as well, to create an environment for the benefit of culture, society and its people.


Cast & Credits


On Stage                                  Barnali Medhi, Shan Son, Bidyutkr Nath, Rishi Sharmah Bordoloi, Bikash Bangthai, Himangshu Dewri, Simantakalita, Rajdeep Bora, Subhajit Saikia


Set Design                                Rajakrishnan Kalaichelvan & Sahidul Haque

Light Design                            Tapan Baruah

Voice-over                               Sudheer Rikhari

OHP Design                             Sahidul Haque

Costume & Make-up               Barnali Medhi, Dikhamoni Bora

Music Operator                                    Kehuram Bora, Binod Bhuyan,

Pradeep Bora, Rajdeep Bora,

Hemanta Kr Basumotary

Singer                                      Binod Bhuyan, Shristi Sumi

Lyrics                                      Simanta Kalita

Stage Manager                         Dikhamoni Bora

Music & Associate Director     Sonmoni

Artistic Director                       Barnali Medhi

Script                                       Hemanta Kr. Bora

Concept Guidance                   Diksha Bora

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