Director: Pravin Shekhar
Playwright: Suman Kumar
Group: Backstage, Allahabad
Language: Hindi
Duration: 1 hr 2 mins





The Play

When Kharu is young, one day he goes along with his father, from Gwalior to Aain to sell some Natinis (show girls). The road is long and a pack of wolves appears from behind them. Kharu’s father throws the girls one by one out of the cart to lighten the weight of the bullock cart so that it can run faster. Finally Kharu’s father has to jump out himself to save his son. He kills some of the wolves but finally has to give up his life. Kharu escapes in the empty carriage.


Director’s Note

Kharu ka Khara Qissa is based on the story Bhediye by Bhuvaneshwar.  It is a conflict between the terrible circumstances of human life amid poverty and scarcity, and the attempts to get rid of these. Is it a story of a strong will to live? To live at any cost, putting everything at stake? The story is more than just that. It is about sacrificing our lives for our own people at the time of judgment. The story is a harsh portrayal of extreme poverty and the plight of a woman who is considered nothing more than a commodity.


The Director

Pravin Shekhar is a theatre artist, writer and researcher. He is a recipient of the National Award & State Honour, Senior Fellowship (Min. of Culture), and the Award of Excellence (Allahabad University). He is working for theatre as a director and designer, has acted in 25 plays, and directed 30 so far. He is also an art critic who has worked for several publications. His published works are Rang Srijan (a book on cultural criticism, production process and interviews) and monographs and research projects for Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi.


The Playwright

Suman Kumar did his post-graduate diploma in Dramatic Arts from NSD in 1996 and a course in Design from Mount View Theatre School, London in 1998. He was awarded META (Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award) 2012 for the Best Script, National Culture Fellowship from the Department of Culture, India, in the field of Theatre 2004-05, Fellowship from National School of Drama, a research grant from Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi in 2001 and Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship in 1998. He is currently the Deputy Secretary (Drama) at Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi.


The Group

Backstage was established in 1999, and has participated in several international and national theatre festivals across India, including NSD’s Bharat Rang Mahotsav, Jashn-e-Bachpan and Badungduppa Kala Kendra’s Under the Sal Tree international theatre festival. It has produced 25 plays, conducted 7 national seminars, many lectures, workshops, exhibitions and other activities. Among Backstage’s patrons are theatre director and thinker Ratan Thiyam, theatre director Rudra Prasad Sengupta, playwright and director Bhanu Bharti, Urdu critic and writer Shamsurrahman Faruqi, Bhojpuri folk maestro Prof. Sharda Sinha, Hindi critic Prof. Satya Prakash Mishra, and lyricist Gopal Das ‘Neeraj’.


Cast & Credits

Kharu                                      Bhaskar Sharma

Kharu’s Father                         Satish Tiwari

Kharu’s Son                             Anjal Singh

Wolf 1                                     Siddharth Pal/ Ashutosh Chandan/ Shubham Pandey

Wolf 2                                     Anuj Kumar

Wolf 3                                     Amar Singh

Natini 1                                    Komal Pandey

Natini 2 / Lamb                        Anuvartika Somvanshi

Natini 3                                    Vidyottma Dwivedi

Kharu’s Neighbours                 Dilip Srivastava, Harsh Srivastava

Kharu’s relative                        Indrajit Singh/ Arpit Sriman Chitrey

Wolves/Sheep                          Ashutosh Chandan, Harsh, Kaushalendra Tiwari, Arpit,

Shubham Pandey, Dilip, Prattyush Varsney, Akash Agrwal,

Anuj, Amar, Siddhharth, Indrajit, Anuvartika, Komal, Anjal,

Vidyottma, Aarohi Singh, Mithilesh Pandey, Divesh Yadav


Light                                        Toni Singh

Asstt.                                       Anuj, Amar

Music                                       Amar Singh, Priyanka Chauhan

Sound Effects                          Amar Singh

Recital                                     Priyanka Chauhan, Aarohi Singh

Chorus                                     Anuvartika Somvanshi, Sarita Yadav, Komal Pandey

Song Composition                   Priyanka

Music Operation                      Anjal Singh, Pravin Shekhar

Set                                           Siddharh, Bhaskar, Indrajeet, Aakash

Costume Design                       Stuti, Minal Singh

Costume in-charge                   Amar, Siddharth

Make-up                                  Hameed

Properties                                 Dilip Srivastava, Indrajit Singh, Gulab Prajapati,

Arvind Saroj, Ajay Singh Tanwar

Property in-charge                   Satish Tiwari

Rehearsal in-charge                 Anjal Singh

Assistant Directors                   Siddharth Pal, Amar Singh, Bhaskar Sharma,

Anuj Kumar, Anjal Singh

Production Design                   Vijayant Singh

Production Control                  Alok Singh


Story                                       Bhuvaneshwar

Playwright                              Suman Kumar

Direction & Design                 Pravin Shekhar

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