Playwright: Sadhana Ahmed
Director:     Sohag Sen, Sima Mukhopadhyay, Suranjana Dasgupta, Tulika Das,
                     Adrija Dasgupta, Abanti Chakraborty, Ishita Mukhopadhyay
Group:        Rangakarmee, Kolkata
Language:  Hindi & Bengali
Duration:   1 hr 30 mins



The Play

Saptaparnee is a collage of seven mono-acts shaped after seven women characters sketched by Tagore. They have been chosen from his novels, dramas, poems and short stories. A craving for love, and an unending search for fulfilment run through them.


Director’s Note

Saptaparnee is a tribute to the creative genius of Rabindranath Tagore and his oeuvre. We find his texts extremely rich in nuances. They motivate us to read between the lines, to search for more and more meaning hidden underneath. Rabindranath has this rare ability to keep us together at a time which is out of joint.


The Directors

Sima Mukhopadhyay, Director of Chandara, is a director, playwright and actor from Kolkata. She received Master’s Degree in Drama (Acting) from Rabindra Bharati University in 1985. At present she heads Rangroop.


Suranjana Dasgupta, Director of Kadambini, is a director, playwright, actor and singer from Kolkata. Suranjana made her film debut in Aparna Sen’s 15 Park Avenue. She has also acted in a telefilm titled Antigone Chatterjee with Anjan Dutta.


Tulika Das, Director of Chitrangada, is a director and actor from Kolkata. She was associated with Bohurupee theatre group for 28 years. In 2015, Tulika directed Nero. At present she is associated with the theatre group Bohuswar.


Adrija Dasgupta, Director of Malati, is a director, designer and actor from Kolkata. She received her PG Diploma-in-Drama (with Specialization in Acting) from NSD. Adrija is a committed theatre worker who keeps conducting theatre workshops and directing children’s productions for the economically deprived and physically challenged children.


Sohag Sen, Director of Damini, is a theatre-director and actor-trainer based in Kolkata. Her association with theatre and allied media spans a period of almost forty years. As an actor, she started her career under the guidance of the legendary Utpal Dutta, in the year 1969. Sohag Sen has been a visiting faculty at National School of Drama, Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata Film and Television Institute, The Film and Television Institute, and The Calcutta Media Institute.


Abanti Chakraborty, Director of Nandini, is a theatre director based in Kolkata. A Masters in Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies from Hyderabad Central University, Abanti had been a Special Fellow in Directing, at Yale School of Drama in 2010. In 2010 she received the Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar in Theatre Direction from Sangeet Natak Akademi.


Ishita Mukhopadhyay, Director of Ela, is active in Bengali theatre for more than three decades. Her first directorial venture was an adaptation of The Room by Sartre. Her group Ushnik was formed in 1984.


The Playwright

Sadhana Ahmed is a cultural activist and a poet-cum-playwright based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sadhana participated in various artistic movements that led to the fall of military rule in Bangladesh in the late-1980s. She was the Founder-President of Sparsha Abritti Parishad that operated from Bhairab. Sadhana Ahmeder Duti Natak, her first book consisting of Domer Madar and Maatbring, was published in February 2017.


The Group

Established in 1976 with a small set-up, Rangakarmee today spearheads the Hindi theatre in Kolkata with 43 productions in its repertoire. Rangakarmee has performed not only in India but also in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany and USA.


Cast & Credits

Chandara of Shasti:                             Karuna Thakur

Director                                              Sima Mukhopadhyay


Kadambini of Jibito O Mrito:              Mrinmoyee Biswas

Director                                              Suranjana Dasgupta


Chitrangada of Chitrangada:               Anubha Fatehpuria

Director                                              Tulika Das


Malati of Sadharan Meye:                   Maya Ghosh

Director                                              Adrija Dasgupta


Damini of Chaturanga:                                   Senjuti Mukherjee

Director                                              Sohag Sen


Nandini of Raktakarabi:                                  Kathakali

Director                                              Abanti Chakraborty


Ela of Char Adhyay:                            Sanchayita Bhattacharjee

Director                                              Ishita Mukhopadhyay


Calligraphy                                          Hiran Mitra

Production Coordinator                                   Tripti Mitra

Production Assistant                            Anirudh Sarkar

Set in-charge                                        Shankar Dey

Music operator                                                 Pradeep Dutta

Light operator                                      Shashanka Mondal

Stage Design                                        Sanchayan Ghosh

Light Design                                        Badal Das

Music Score                                         Bhadra Basu

Dramaturge                                          Anshuman Bhowmick


Original Script                                    Sadhana Ahmed

Concept                                               Usha Ganguli

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