Direction: Chittaranjan Tripathy
Playwright: Ajay Shukla
Group: NSD Repertory Company, Delhi
Language: Hindi
Duration: 2 hrs




The Play

Emperor Shah Jahan invites the chief engineer of CPWD, Guptaji and shares his dream of building a monument in the memory of his late, wife, Mumtaz. After much deliberation he comes to the conclusion that a mausoleum be built in her memory and he wants it to be named Taj Mahal.

Guptaji, a shrewd, corrupt, official, entraps the Emperor in the snares of bureaucracy and red- tapism leading to many hilarious situations. The ridiculous bureaucratic procedure takes 25 years only to float the tender notice of Taj Mahal.

TajMahal Ka Tender is one of the successful satires of contemporary times.


Director’s note

The state is the best creation of man as it is not an imitation of anything that existed before. With the emergence of the State, a primitive society is transformed into a civil society, leading to the germination of division of labour, division of time, rank, file, red-tape etc., thereby giving birth to official dom. TajMahal ka Tender is a satire on rank –file, red tapism and the sad state of officialdom. It focuses on the organizational diseases that India is suffering due to – corruption, idleness, favoritism, arrogance and insensitivity to public needs.


The Director

Chittaranjan Tripathy graduated from National School of Drama in 1996 with specialization in acting. He was also enrolled in the musical theatre department in the Guildford School of Acting (GSA), Guilkdford, UK, under the Charles Wallace fellowship.

Shri Tripathy has directed plays for many leading theatre groups and repertory companies including the National School of Drama Repertory Company, the Shri Ram Centre Repertory and the Sahitya Kala Parishad Rang Mandal. Some of his most popular plays include TajMahal Ka Tender with NSD Repertory Company, Capitol Express, Arre Mayavi Sarovar with SRC Repertory; Ladi Nazaria  and Humare Sheher Ke Romeo Juliet with Sahitya Kala Parishad Rang Mandal.


The Playwright

Born in 1955, at Agra Ajay Shukla is a post–graduate in history from Lucknow University and then joined Indian Railway Traffic Service. His play, Doosra Adhyaay was directed by Ram Gopal Bajaj in 1998, and was broadcast from All India Radio later the same year. In 1993 he received the Delhi Sahitya Kala Parishad’s Playwright – Award for Doosra Adhyaya and   Mohan Rakesh Samman for his play Tajmahal Ka Tender. In 2000 he received the National Award by All India Radio (Akashvani) for his play Hum Honge Kaamyab.


The Group

Established in 1964 with a membership of only four persons, the Repertory Company is the regular performing wing of the School. It was set up with the dual purposes of establishing professional theatre on one hand and continuing with regular experimental work on the other. Over the years it has produced a variety of plays ranging from stylized musicals to realistic contemporary Indian drama to translations and adaptations of foreign plays. In addition, several eminent persons of national and international repute have worked with the Company, and it has performed over one hundred and eighty one plays by ninety-eight playwrights and has worked with ninety directors. Quite a few of its actors have emerged as celebrities in theatre, cinema and television. The Company has toured extensively in India and abroad. It is celebrating fifty years of its existence this year.



Cast & Credit

Shahajahan                                 Shahnawaz Khan

Gupta                                         Suresh Sharma

Sudhir                                        Siddeshwar Kashinath Thorat

Bhaiyaji                                      Deep Kumar

Mohila Neta                               Sampa Mandal/Shruti Mishra

Kanhaiyalal                                Sikander Kumar

Murarilal Sharma                        Naveen Singh Thakur

Shethi                                         Shubham Pareek

Ladka                                        Ashutosh Banerjee/Rahul Kumar

Ladki                                          Sakshi Sharma

Aurangzeb                                  Parag Baruah

Mummo/Mumtaz                       Bornali Borah

Darbari                                      Ashutosh, Punshi, Rahul, Naresh, Virender

Jahanara                                     Anamika Sagar

Shaktiman                                 Raju Roy

Four Friends                              Naresh, Virender, Ashutosh, Rahul

Dancer                                       Aparna

News Paper Hawker                 Sampa, Shruti, Bornali,Aparna




Production Coordinator           Md. Abdul Kadir Shah

Set Designer                             Pankaj Jha

Set execution                           Ram Pratap, Dharam Singh, Manoj Kumar

Light Design                            Govind Singh Yadav

Light Execution                       Md. Suleman, Pradeep Aggarwal

Costume Design                       Sunita Chand Rajwar

Costume Helping                     Shurit Mishra, Akhil Pratap Gautam

Costume In –Charge                Bharat Singh Negi, C.S. Bhatia

Assistant                                   Budhram

Dance Choreography                Meghna Malik

Dance Execution                      Annapurna Soni

Singers                                      Mohan Lal, Yetendra Bahuguna, Akhil Pratap, Gautam,

Siddheswar Kashinath Throat, Sampa Mandal,

Annapuran   Soni, Anamika Sagar, Ankita Gusain,

Shurti Mishra & Chittranjan Tripathy


Playback Singers                      Sneha Mishra & Chittranjan Tripathy

Music rearrangement               Santosh Kumar (Sandy)

Property In-charge                   Moti Lal Khare

Sound recording & Editing     S. Manoharan, Subhanjan

Sound Operation                     Mukesh Kumar

Make Up In- Charge               Raju Roy, Reena Saini

Photography                            S. Thyagrajan, Deepak Kumar

Poster & Brochure Design      Rajesh Bahl

Brochure Materials                 Govind, Satyender, Tikaram Bhatt

Exhibition                               Prithvi Singh Negi

Stage Manager                        Govind Singh Yadav

Assistant Director                   Md. Abdul Kadir Shah


Playwright                                                Ajay Shukla

Lyrics, Music, Design & Direction        Chittaranjan Tripathy

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